03 December 2012

In just a couple of weeks... {Plus Giveaway}

It's my one-year blogaversary! I have some great things planned, but since a sponsor hasn't replied yet I can't start all of them yet. But it's coming soon. :D

To start things off, however, the lovely Samantha from Emarie Creations is sponsoring this giveaway!


Custom Snowman Ornaments

Samantha is sponsoring a snowman ornament! Isn't it cute?! :D {you get to pick which one, and please notice that this giveaway is for ONE!} 


Samantha can only ship to residents in United States of America {look at me getting all official ;)}

I will be checking entries! Don't say you did something you didn't do. Even if it was a accident, I will still have to choice a new winner {randomly}. 

Since this is not a giveaway celebrating my followers, you do not have to be a follower. It's still an option to get more points, though. :)

Previous winners of giveaways hosted on this blog may enter. ;) I had stopped letting some winners enter, because they won more than once {in a row, haha}. But it's all fine now, 'cuz we got some new winners!

{THE GIVEAWAY WILL NOT BE WORKING UNTIL 12/3/12, 12:00 AM. Sorry for any inconveniences. Ah, silly Rafflecopter.} 


Have fun! :D  a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. ''Real'' posts coming up soon and why I didn't post in a WHOLE WEEK. ;)


  1. lol do you want me to create another header? =P

    1. No, LOL, that's okay. My 4 sponsors are all the confuzzlment I need. ;D

  2. Great giveaway, but to bad I will be sleeping when it starts! lol ;)

  3. Replies
    1. It hasn't? I'm sorry! It should be up by now. I'll check it out. :)

  4. I love watching my siblings face when they open my gift!

  5. My favorite part of Christmas... is decorating!

  6. If I ruled the world... there would be no homework! :D

  7. As of right now, I am not planning anything special. :)

  8. I love all of the family time and decorating!

  9. I love the family time, decorating and giving gifts to special people :)

  10. I love decorating, family time and giving gifts to special people :) Also celebrating Christ's birth!!!

  11. I'm having a Modest Fashion Challenge on my blog right now and will be having another giveaway soon! :)


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