14 November 2012

November Picks {#1}

Settling down with a glass of water, two {rather large} pieces of teriakyi {yeah, I didn't spell that right.....} beef jerky, with a load of things I need to do today, I decided to write this post.

So.... here's the thing:

Every month I'll create a post {with links!} of clothing/accessories I've liked this month. May you find many new things to add to your wishlist, and just have fun looking at pretty stuff. :D If you find something {that I haven't already shown!}, feel free to email a picture and link of it to madeline.blueberry@gmail.com, and I'll show it in my next _______ Picks {certain pictures/links I won't show, and I have the right to refuse you}. :D

Let's start off. Browse ze pictures, and if you find something you like, check the links below!




Love Potion Necklace

d. Lace Overlay Scarf


a. Olive Green Hiker Boots

b. Boot socksies {Yes, I'm making up my own words now. I have reached that level of awesomeness crazy.}

c. ''Love Potion Necklace'' {ON MY WISH LIST!}

d. Lace Overlay Scarf

Okay, I'm done. Way too tired due to books. :P


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  1. Hey Madeline,
    I really liked that scarf and the necklace was waaayyy cute too! Oh, sooo know what you mean The whole "tired because I stayed up late reading" is like me all the time...trying to fix it though I'm terribly crabby when without my precious sleep but mostly just super out of it.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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