11 December 2012

Awkward & Awesome

I love reading these, so I thought I'd do one. :D I've taken so many pictures and have a lot of them in drafts; so the pictures in here are sneak-peeks of future posts or just pictures I've saved on my computer but haven't posted {sorry for long sentence...}.


* Spinning the cart around / twirling {in Walmart} and some guy saying ''awesome twirl'', and I, dumbfounded, say ''What?!''
* My side-bangs after being pinned up {a necessary requirement for dancing}.
* Shepard looking like Frodo.
* The Life of Pie Pi. It's page 50, no action yet, and Pi hasn't died. I can't wait until I can kill one of my main characters in my book.
* Looking for a wedding dress {not for me, but for me to wear to a wedding} that is the right length and cost.
* Reading three books at the same time.
* At a Target dressing room I was changing in there was a sign saying ''PLEASE KEEP ALL UNDERGARMENTS ON WHEN TRYING ON SWIMWEAR'' and somebody wrote in pen ''I don't have any on''
* Mom and I in the car, listening to our radio station {not ours, but you know...}; and there's a lady talking about the name ''Jason'' or ''Jackson'' or whatever, and how she wanted her child to name her baby that. And my mom said ''I'm not going to pester you about names as long as it's not something queer''. And then me replying: ''I'm going to name my child Katniss Everdeen then.''


*Putting sugar on my lips and HAVING IT STICK. WOOT! {look up}
* Dancing.
* Getting something to review! That will probably be up tomorrow. :D
* Writing about the queerest things and knowing nobody will mind if I post about it on here, because I post about the queerest things all the time! :O 
* Thinking about my hair. Short and layered, or pixie cut? I'm heading towards pixie, but I'm not sure about getting it done in winter.... :P {Also wanting red hair but being firmly told ''NO.''}
* Using big not often used nowadays words and waiting until somebody says: '' ________? Nobody uses that now.'' and answering: ''People with big brains do.'' BURN. ;) 


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