28 December 2012

Well, that hurts....

a short last-minute autobiography.....

''Ha ha, finally finished ya!'' I muttered, finally approving my finished Pickmonkey collage. I was now ready to prepare my Christmas post. Wondering what time it was and why there was not tasty food in front of me, I looked at the small digital clock. ''The 28th?'' I wondered quietly to myself. ''Could it be? Let's check!'' My heart racing, I went to my first post ever to see the date it was posted, certain it would be the 28th of December, 2011. 
Haha, nope. Sorry. 22th of December.

I completely missed my stinkin' blog anniversary! 

  Now that really hurts. And I, being young and rash, am doing the impossible. I'm moving my blog anniversary to today. The twenty-eighth. Let's celebrate, peeps.

//{Please pretend you never read any of the above and read on}//

It's my blog anniversary today! WOO-HOO! I was going to write a Christmas post, but then I realized it was my anniversary! I'm so glad I didn't miss it. :D
I {sadly} don't have all my sponsors lined up for a huge giveaway to have today like I had planned, so I'm moving the giveaway forward until I can get more sponsors. Info on that later.
Can you believe I spent most of my day cleaning my room? On this specialist of special days? My left ear lobe hurts just thinking about it {that's a weird word.... lobe}.

I'm going to go find some cake. I suggest you do so too, for celebrating purposes {that; and eating purposes. They're both good}


  1. Lol... you're amazing. :) Can we pretend your blogoversary is today? Just for me, for a couple seconds? Okay, here we go.

    HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!!! (Or is it blogoversary!? I'm confused now!) I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY HANGING OUT WITH YOU EAR LOBE! :) Wait, shouldn't that be plural? Ear lobeS!?

    Seriously though. (Wait, you thought I wasn't being serious up above!?) I love your blog. :) You're amazing! And can't wait to read more of your epic blog posts.

    1. Haha, hyper is more like it. ;D Sure! I already plan on having two celebrations of my blog anniversary next year, anyway...

      THANKKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, I hope it's plural!

      Aww, thanks. I love yours, too.

  2. If u need a sponser i would make blog buttons!!!:)


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