05 November 2012

Tagged is the game.

Or something random like that. But anyway, I was tagged. Thanks Jenny!


You have to post 11 things about yourself,
You have to answer the questions I'll be giving you here↓
You have to try to nominate 5 people,
And lastly, You have to make up 11 questions for the people you nominate to answer, and you can't pick me!

11 10 things about me:

1. I want weapons for Christmas {because I'm the ''special'' child}
2. I am going to attempt to teach myself guitar and piano {I was taught piano when I was young but we took a long break and I forgot it. I'm going to reteach myself the notes and learn 'em.}
3. Since I don't exactly want to ask my grandparents for weapons {for Christmas} I added books and movies {I Love Lucy!} that I want, too.
4. The majority of Halloween candy I don't like.
5. I got Nikes! They are last year's whatevers, so they were on sale. :D
6. I like jogging better than walking/running. But running is creeping up on me....
7. Mirror Mirror is now my favorite movie. It's so awesomely awkwardly weird.
8. My favorite food is cucumber.
9. My eye started itching frequently a few days ago. :P
11. I don't like the number ten, so I skipped it.

The questions I was asked:

1) Composition or spiral notebooks? 
Composition. Spiral are weird....
2) Peeta or Gale? {Yes, I had to ask that.} 
Really? Must I answer? Because Peeta is a main character my answer immeditly goes to him, but I haven't really thought of it so it's very hard to answer. // I am the ninja of small animals in my small script//
3) Apple or pumpkin pie? 
I like pumpkin pie all right.....
4) Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
5) Soda or flavored water?
6) Winter or Fall?
7) Contacts or Glasses?
It depends if the glasses we're talking about are super cute on whoever's face, or if the contacts are colored gray.
8) Mystery or Horror books?
9) Necklaces or Bracelets?
Bracelets! I don't like wearing stuff around my neck. SOMEBODY COULD CHOKE ME!
10) Ballet or Tap Dance?
I take ballet and LOVE it, so ballet. If I took Tap it might be a different answer.
11) Orchestra or Chorus?

My questions:

What's the first thing on your wish list right now {a link or picture if possible, please}?

Favorite band?

Creepiest toy for small/young children you've seen this year {cough*cough*Monster High*cough}?

 What is your definition of modesty?

Cheese or spray-cheese {there is only one answer, young cheese-ling, choose wisely!}?

What is your favorite food?

What is the last thing you said to a stranger?

If I had those little thingy-ka-bobs at the end of my post {where you rate your current feeling, normally for me a very serious looking face but choosing a funny one} what would you rate on of my average posts? Funny? Disturbing? Somebody call this chick a doctor?

Favorite movie?

Do you play any instruments?


I tag:

ze Piper LaMore {awesome last name, right?!?!} 

Storyteller {AGAIN! WA HA!}

And anybody else who wants to do it. Yes, to lazy to add links..... :P

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