01 November 2012

Woah..... this must be serious if you're doing an AWARD

If you know me {or have awarded me before} you would know that I should be writing a NaNo novel. But Mommy..... I already have 9 word pages done {80 width, words at 24}!  I don't really do ''awards'' anymore. But since a considerable amount of people awarded me, let's do this thing. ;)

In no order, Piper, Purple Pixie, and Kara {Woah, and suddenly, a K! ;)} awarded me ze sunshine award.

1. What is your favorite Holiday Movie?
Yes, I'm crazy, but I don't like holiday movies in general. So nada. {or ''nado'' {NANDOS!}}
2. What is your favorite flower?
If pie was a flower, I would say pie just 'cuz it happens to be one of my catch-pies. {I don't really like pie, did you know that about me?!?! :O} 
So it would have to be a... uh..... I forgot. Sorry. But you get to read this in this ''delicious'' blue print. So wa ha.

3. What is your favorite (non-alcoholic) drink?
Sweet ice tea, sometimes without the ice. Oh, and it must be ordered exactly like this: ''hello, I'd like a sweet iced tea without the ice''. Because it can't be hot, but it can't be cold. <Oh, the troubles of a Madeline>

4. What is your passion?
Urh, uh, pie, urh, uh, urh, uh..... I like writing. :D

5. What is your favorite time of the year?
Octobers. It's when to prepare for NaNo, the ''start'' of fall, and normally when the cold apple cinder comes out.

6. What is your favorite time of the day?
Early morning, but only if it's in spring. Because then it smells REALLY good.

7. What is your favorite physical activity?
Uh, eating. It's hard getting that dangerous fork up to your watering mouth! But running is a close second.

8. What is your favorite vacation?
Probably a Disney one. =D
I award: 

Since three people awarded me, I award the first three commenters. You don't even have to follow me!


  1. WOW! It's amazing how this award has gotten out so fast! I was the first person awarded this by my Aunt and then I awarded 11 people and BOOM! The award is EVERYWHERE! hahaha

  2. Hey! You won something from my giveaway! So can you please comment on my blog and I will get it sent off to you asap? I will delete the comment as soon as I finish with it! Thank you!!

  3. Oh! And how can I get a hold of Storyteller? Her blog won't let me comment. But she won something too.

    1. Her blog SHOULD let me comment, so I'll tell her. But she might see your post first, though. :)


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