18 September 2012

When I go boom, I go BOOM!

I just ate three ''fun-sized'' Snickers. Does it show? I hope not. ;)
 I bought {please notice that little word {bought}. Sadly, I haven't been asked to review any products ;)} this lovely little ring from Funky Relics a few days ago. As I've been going ''all things British''; I loved this right from the start!
 It's hollow inside. I like this part of it, because most mini-tea cups aren't. I know, I'm weird, but it bothers me. :)
 {It's meant to be blurry. I'm sure you got that, but I'm throwing it out}
Wow. My fingers don't look fat in this {I'm hiding my thumb. I promise, my left hand really does have a thumb.}
I don't like bulky rings, so I was glad this one isn't.
These are little parts and details I'm too lazy to write out. ;) My little brother was throwing quarters at me while doing this.

I love it! 1-5 stars, I give it 4. It's pretty darn cute. 
{all thoughts are mine, I was not asked to do this, blah blah. :)}

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