08 September 2012

Thanks Britt!

 The lovely Britt designed this for me . . . Isn't it lovely?! {No, I'm not quite so good a blog designer as she is }

Here are her blogs . . . check them out!

Encouragement for Everyday Struggles

Designed to Inspire 

She went though everything with me, bit my bit . . .  I emailed her so much Gmail added her to my contacts! She had everything I wanted, and even told me about stuff I didn't know I wanted! Seriously, Britt's good.
What I really like is there isn't anything you have to do to get it. Only email her, and she'll do it {currently. This may change}. On one of my different blogs, somebody else did it, but it required I follow her design blog and she placed a little:

''designed by whatever. Want one too? http:whatever.www.''

{also I didn't like her design nearly as much, but it's still pretty cool . . .  makes me feel I should post more often on that blog}

I may place one of those for Britt, though. She deserves more praise on this!

P.S. Talking about designing, I worked some on this blog! Please check it out and tell me what you think!

P.P.S. If you thank Britt / rave about the design, I WILL send it to Britt . . . just a warning! ;)



  1. Aww...thanks so much for posting all the sweet words about me. You are so kind and considerate!! I totally enjoyed doing this with you, you are such a pleasure to work with. I'm so glad that you like the design!!! Thanks again for asking me!!!!

  2. It's amazing what she can do to a blog! :) She is such a great designer and friend!


    1. Aww...thanks so much Emma! You are so sweet! YOU are such a wonderful friend as well!

  3. Britt - The same with you! It was always very fun. :)

    Emma - I agree!

  4. I really love the design! Very cool! =D I checked out the things you did on your other blog. Sweet!! =D

  5. Britt definitely did a great job on the design! It looks amazing!

    1. Kinga~ Thanks so much! You're blog is very beautiful and inspiring!

      Storyteller~ PIE!

    2. Erff. I meant your blog is beautiful and inspiring! {I just kicked myself for incorrect grammar :p}


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