28 September 2012

I Hope to Brighten Your Day with This.... GIVEAWAY!

Most of y'all may not celebrate Halloween. And besides that, it's on a school day. :p

Bummer, right? Never fear! With this small setback, we take a step forward {that should be a quote. Please, somebody make that into a picture and pin it on Pinterest. I beg of you}! With this giveaway! Walk into your school on Halloween flashing those pearly whites and wearing this necklace!

Swirly lollipop necklace set for girl and doll

Some of my other favorites include:

Rainbow swirly lollipop necklace

Beaded bar necklace

Aren't they pretty?

Our sponsor for the very first necklace above is Jessie! Jessie's shop currently holds pictures with Bible verses, and cute necklaces! Seriously, I'm getting hungry just looking at them! My favorite part about the first necklace? The bow! Really, it's like putting a mustache on a lollipop necklace. And that would just be awesome.

Anyhow, enter below. I'm assuming the prize is for people who live in the U.S. only, but I'll have to check back on that. I'll post a notification if it's not. If I don't, then it's only U.S. peeps. Sorry. :(

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You may have noticed, one of the entries is ''Do ''A Week of Silence''''. What is that? Glad you asked.

Lately I've been on the computer a lot. It's hurting my head, and wasting a lot of time. Plus, I'm happier when I spend less time on the computer! So I'm challenging you. Yes, you. Can you stay off the computer for a week? I'm not saying totally off. Maybe set a time limit of 30 minutes or a hour of time you can play. Then, get off and wait until the next day.

Yes, I'll be doing it, too. Post about it, and then post when it's done. Talk about how it felt, if you feel better, whatever. I'll also post an award button for those who did it to put on their blogs. :)

If you do do it, please leave a link to this post {It will count as posting about it, another entry!} so others can learn more about it.

If you don't want enter the giveaway, but you want to do A Week of Silence, then feel free! Comment with the link. :)


  1. I already have one and it's called West Virginia Creations. :D

  2. Hey! Sorry about not seeing that it had to be a week break. I guess that shows just how much I was rushing! haha any way please don't make it count. Again I am sorry!

    1. That's very okay! We all make mistakes. :)

  3. I like Jessie's- http://www.etsy.com/listing/108366392/chocolate-doughnut-necklace

  4. I love a warm cup of hot chocolate!

  5. Just wondering, what is the awesome prize for not blogging for a week? ;)

  6. So cute!! Emma's Creations?? haha I really don't know. :) All of them! Root Beer or Doctor Pepper. :D I love this giveaway, btw!

  7. I commented on "this wonderful thing called eating"!

  8. If I could start an Etsy, my name would be Pure Happiness...By me!

    Yeah it's generic, but I can't really think of anything :P

  9. My favorite thing in Jessie's shop is the Chocolate Donut necklace and the Pink and White lollipop one. You can probably tell I'm a foodie :P

  10. My favorite fall drink?

    Hot chocolate and Orange Crush :P

  11. I ALMOST have an etsy shop called KlassieKlarabelle. :)

  12. Fave drink? Probably hot chocolate...though I don't like mine hot. :D

  13. Current favorite soda... Diet Dr. Pepper.

  14. Favorite thing: I love them all, but the Psalm 108 photo is super cool!

  15. Commented here- http://katiesdollworld.blogspot.com/2012/10/i-know-it-and-im-not-sorry-in-twisted.html#comment-form


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