04 September 2012

Read This {You'll Finally see and Realize my ''special-ness''}

A palace without hope....
Creatures humans can't bare to see anymore...
A young woman torn...

Without farther re-do, I present:

The odd Woods of Village Port

Other wise known and titled as Snow White {I'm renaming it, though}. This is the Snow White/Hunger Games I was talking about {oddly it's not very bloody or like the Hunger Games at all. I know, I'm bad at rating/sorting things :P}. No, it's only the character happens to be a very bitter poor person. Oh, and did I mention I made this to freak myself out with it's awesomeness? Oh yeah. My mind is BLOWN! {It's late, I'm tired, I'm very sorry for creeping you out.}

Want  to read the first parts? I'll give you random parts of things I like best so far:

I wake up, shivering. Was it all a bad dream? Yes, it was, my mind tells me. I settle back into the fluffy pillows, and bury myself within the swan feather down… 

‘’What is your name, maiden?’’ The king asks, staring intently into my eyes . . . ‘’…’’ I cannot answer. I’m not sure why, but only a croak comes out. ‘’I will let my son decide what to call you, then,’’ the king says, and turns away.
‘’Snow,’’ he whispers, stroking at a pearl necklace. ‘’Snow White, oh my fair maiden.’’

{I know, creepy kings who'll let other people name you?! That's what I call CREEPY!!!}

The forest is a place children have been warned, many times, not to go into. The stories they tell us of the things that live in the forest are terrible, so I stop only when I can hear nothing but the panting of my breath. The commotions dies down, and I sink onto the ground, asleep.
Sadly, I can't give you more {I haven't gotten to the really creepy parts, but I have drawn pictures, which I'll show when I post more of the creepy parts.} yet, but I will as soon as possible!

Hugs and Pie,


  1. hahaha Hugs and pie. :D You've got a blog award, by the way........ http://storytellerofwestoncounty.blogspot.com/

  2. That looks like an interesting story! :)


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