12 September 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

I just love how my blog looks, so I feel the urge to post everyday! Don't worry, I'll save you from that. ;)

1.  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?  The NFL is back in action along with all the college teams.  Are you a fan?  Who do you root for?  If you're not a fan what do you do while the rest of America watches Saturday, Sunday, Monday night, and now Thursday night games?

I'm not a football fan. I root for the Stealers {I don't even know how to spell their name . . . is it the Steelers?}, but silently, and mentally in my head. I don't even watch their games {I know, I sound like a sad little loser. I'm sorry}.

2. What's something I'll always find in your closet?

Clothes {;)}, shoes, and bed sheets / blankets.

3. Share one of your earliest memories.

Whenever is was one of my family member's birthday, my grandmother would bring us brown bags with little gifts in them, even if it wasn't our birthday. :) She stopped doing it now, but we have grown up, after all.

4. What circus act best describes your week so far?

Whatever the circus gymnasts do. Sadly, I've never been to a circus.

5. What's a food you disliked as a child but you love now?

Green beans and zucchini. I had Farmer's Market green beans this afternoon, and they were lovely. Surprisingly, they tasted like potatoes.

6.  Describe your summer in three words.

Lazy. Boring. Energetic {I did summer ballet}

7.  Where were you on September 11, 2001? Will you do anything special to mark the day this year?

I don't know. I was JUST born then. I was probably sleeping. Or eating. Or anything other babies do.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have decided I want to move to London, England, when I'm 21 {maybe older}. Okay, gals, I'm serious about this. I already have a plan to save all my money, put it in my bank account {as so I can't spend it on clothes, speaking about that, I bought a charming tea and cookie ring from Etsy today. I'll post about that when it arrives}, and then when I'm old enough go and live in the ''wild''! Doesn't it sound exciting?!

P.S. I sold my Rebecca AG doll yesterday! I shipped her today. Any time now I should have more AG listings up. :)


  1. Wow! Your future sounds exciting!!! =D

  2. I highly recommend London : ) I didn't get to live there until I was 43 but my daughters were 13 and 15 and they will tell you the wouldn't trade the experience for anything. They're both back in the US now but we all have happy memories of our years across the pond.

    1. So that's what your blog is named after? It sounds like so much fun! :)

  3. Oooh! England! So exciting!
    All I can say is, if you move to London you have to
    a. Like hearing opera and random people playing instruments as you walk through the Underground
    That being said, England is a pretty amazing place. I loved living there (though I didn't live in London). I highly recommend it, though I would also recommend you visit before moving there permanently. ;)

    1. Whew, glad I like all of those! :)
      I plan to, but I'm not too happy about how much it'll cost to get there, travel back, and then come back AGAIN. It should be rising by a lot the time I can be allowed legally to live there by myself, because of pricey gas. :p


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