13 September 2013

My Blog was NOT Deleted. ;)

I realized that if I clicked on one of my blog posts in my site feed, Blogger would say my blog was deleted and not let me view it. :(
I changed my blog address back to what it use to be, so now hopefully when you click on it you can see it.
I'm not actually sure what I'm going to do about this... But I'll keep you updated.

*This blog is still under construction!!*

Random thought guys: What if dogs/animals understand what we're saying but don't know how to respond?!?! {I know this may not be very scientific, but I just thought it was interesting}


  1. Ahh!! I found you again! I was trying to find your blog, and was so sad when I couldn't. =( Anyway, glad you're back!

    And oddly enough, I was actually thinking that exact same thing the other day!! O.o

    1. Aw, I'm so glad you were looking for my blog! Your blog is so inspiring, I just love it. :)

      Haha! We're mind connecters! ;D

  2. I actually found you again through your profile on a comment that you left me. Don't worry, I was searching. :) Thanks for changing it back, though--makes it a little bit easier. ;)

    1. Ohmigoodness, everybody is making me feel so loved by actually LOOKing for my blog! Thank you Anna. :)


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