10 September 2013

Changing my Blog Address// Blog Title

So imagine this:

A super mature blog, lovely post. You click the comment button. With swift fingers you write words of praise, adding your name at the end. Hoping this blogger would follow you, you add in your own blog address....
And cringe.

Katie's doll world? First off, my name's not Katie. Second off, though this use to be a blog about dolls, it's not anymore. For my own sake I'm changing the blog address. :)
I'm not sure what this actually does, so if you don't see my posts in your special little box, then come make sure blogger did make everybody unfollow me or something. ;)

Also, I'm changing my blog title yet again. Beware new followers, I tend to do this a lot. ;) But I've thought over this one and I hope to stick with it. And with that.... this blog is under construction!! ;) I'm not sure when I'll post again but I'll try to get the whole thing down with before I post. ;)

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