21 September 2013

Meet Peri and a New Design

First off, thank you all for all those sweet comments on my last post. You guys made me feel so good. <3

Second off, who's Peri? Peri is the new co-author of this blog. I think you'll enjoy Peri's writing, here's a little bio she put together for y'all {Peri doesn't have her own blog}:

Hi, I'm Peri. I love eating healthily, and singing along to music. Adele's my favorite. I love bright colors and I love eating. Haha. Also, I love to pretend I'm a bird.

Why? Because Peri's a bird. Syke. Also, I won't be pretending to be a bird on my blog. -_-

Last Thursday, I bought a bird. Periwinkle. She's a parakeet, and I'm not sure if she's a male or female {you can't tell until they're older, but from now it looks like Peri is a girl.}
And about Peri rocking out to Adele--it's true. She loves it when I sing, but obviously I can't do that forever. So I put some music on shuffle. Peri chirped to some of it, but when it got to Adele, she actually tried to talk {you can tell because the sound she made was not a chirp}. She's lov-er-ly.
Honestly guys, I swear: I love my little bird. You know how long they last? 10-20 years. I could be taking this birdie to college with me, maybe even getting married with it.... -.-

How do you like the new design? Do you have a parakeet? If so, do you have any good tips? :)

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