30 July 2013

This Week.

{''this week'' may replace a+a's. Also, it won't be on any certain day. We'll see how we like it, won't we dears?}

~Swim ending. Not quite sure how I feel about this.
~Feeling oddly calm and wishing you could drink the Silk Chocolate Milk right out of the carton. Seriously, it's really good. You know, for chocolate bean juice.
~Hearing two swim options if I want to swim in the winter and going ''Ooo, ooo, the bigger one!''
~GETTING BRACES! A few of you may know that I've already had braces, but since then a lot of my teeth have fallen out so I got them again. Technically I'm only supposed to eat soft food for the next few days, but triple stuffed oreos are too good. Just eat through the pain.
~Watching Tangled. ''...but let me just say.... hi. How ya doing? The name's Flynn Rider. How's your day going? Huh?''
~Suddenly getting a strange addiction to raspberry sorbet. Yum.
~''Alright, listen, I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice... here comes the smolder.'' ''You broke my smolder!''

Okay, really, I promise {shows crossed fingers} some pictures soon. Promise. Promise, promise, promise!

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