11 July 2013

A+A {Plus some Dauntless Fun}

  •  Rubbing honey on your face because the internet told you to. And the internet can't lie, right? {I actually may post about this. So...}
  • Ed Sheeran desperately yelling at you in one of his songs.
  • Still in my pjs at 11:36 AM. This may actually need to go to awesome. Just sayin'.
  • Someone holding the phone with greasy hands. GRRR.
  • Not having lots of awkwards because you're too lazy to remember them. Sorry. Really, I will try to try for next week.

 This is so cool! :D 

1. Up Against the Wall by Fiction Family {Hey, it was free. I haven't actually really listened to it the whole time I've had it, but still. Free.}
2. Raining by Of Verona
3. My Dear by Ruby Velle {& The Soulphonics}
4. Walk me down the Middle by The Band Perry
5. Small Bump by Ed Sheeran. Acca-awkward.
6. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. Again, acca-awkward.
7. Same Mistakes by One Direction. Um, excuse me, but kissing Tobias isn't exactly a mistake. ;D
8. Take the Heartland by mixed artist {The Hunger Games music album}
9. This'll be my Year by Train.
10. Blonde by Bridgit Mendler. I probably just barely passed. ;)
11. Treacherous by Taylor Swift. Haha, this was actually a  really good song to get at this part.
12. Starlight by Taylor Swift. Again, not so bad...

I hope you enjoyed that and if you do anything like that on your blog, make sure to leave a link. :D

  • What I just did above. That was really fun, folks.
  • Nutella.
  • It's going to be my sorta birthday fairly soon. Yeah!
  • The random stuff that makes you happy. Kitten? Why yes, kitten.
I'm done and pretty tired. So.... bye!


  1. here's the link to my Divergent playlist. :D


    Sarah :)


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