03 July 2013

Awkward + Awesome

I don't normally do this, but I've wanted to {for *like* forever {sorry for my American teenager moment.}} do it for a while now, and since I've changing my blog.... Eh, let's spice it up a bit.


  • Doing school in summer. Hey, at least it's not full-blown math/grammar/spelling/history.
  • Getting an online racing suimsuit that doesn't cover enough. Found after purchased and tried on, of course.
  • Realizing that your blog will probably stay half-finished because you're too lazy to make new buttons.
  • Hating breaststroke and being fairly certain that everybody can tell you hate it when you swim it.
  • When the rest of the world loves Cruise {Florida Georgia or whatever} and you don't. Why? ''Baby you a song''. Was that meant as.... ''Baby you're a song,'' or possibly ''Baby I'll write you a song''? Just no thank you all around.
Okay, I don't have a lot of awkwards because I didn't remember the ones I had this week. :P Yeah, I know this happens when the A+A comes unexpectedly.

Ed Sheeran lyrics | Tumblr 

{^^Ed Sheeran. Happy happy.}


  •  Finding girl scout cookies at Aldi. Plus? For sure.
  • Ed Sheeran. 'Nuff said.
  • Doing fairly well on your swim meet. Asides for breaststroke.
  • Sleeping in. I never do that, even if I have time to.... :P
I'd write more awesomes but I'm running out of time {I have to get ready for swim practice. I should probably post officially about swim, you think so? Yes.}.

So..... Later.

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