07 May 2013

Pepper Belly and Random Thoughts

Do you know what a pepper belly is?
It's a person who likes spicy food/likes to add hot sauce and spicy spices {hehe} to their food. Almost everybody in my family is a pepper belly {everybody but my mom and me. I don't think she minds it, I think she just doesn't add it often}.
I'm talking about serious pepper bellies here.... it's not decent food till there's at least five different hot sauces and spices on it.
I've never liked hot food. If it's on there naturally that's okay, but I don't feel the need to add spiciness to my food. But lately, I've been loving it. LURVE LURVE LURVE. {sorry, I just felt the need to be obnoxious there}. It brings out the party flavor! {I was going to say party but then I imagined dancing sausages and confetti and little colored plastic bowls of chips on a side table and I decided NO.}

Earlier today I was writing a message to a sponsor and I accidentally misspelled a word and didn't correct it before I sent off the message. Rather embarrassing I must say.

Anyway, I've noticed I don't write these sort of posts often. If something exciting happens I normally tell you, but all I really post about are reviews, Pinterest things, and important-ish stuff. But I don't really mind this so I don't know why I don't do it more often. I think I'm just scared that if it doesn't have pictures you won't like it. ;p

P.S. The Purple Laugh giveaway is still open. To enter, visit the post below this one. :)


  1. I'm a "sort of" pepper belly haha =D

    1. Yeah; I still don't load all the hot stuff on but I do add some. I guess that makes me a ''sort of'' pepper belly too. ;D


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