17 May 2013

I choke on air. {plus a story, about me choking}

If I was kidding, I would not be typing this with a solemn face. So, this is the more informational part, so you'll understand why my story is rather ridiculous.
When I want to stop drinking, what usually happens is that my body seems to understand this before my brain does, though, so what happens is that my mouth is wide open and my drink is falling into my lap while I'm still trying to drink it. Yes, I have been laughed at {not in a mean kind of way, but more of ''you're ridiculous but I love you'' type of way}. Sometimes, I'll be drinking {normally} and suddenly make the choking noises. I've never actually choked {or been in threat of it while this was happening}, but my body/brain reflexes and makes me spit it out.
Now that we're done with the informational part, it's story time.
I was walking to my car {not mine, but ''ours''. It makes more sense to call it mine for now, though} and sipping my ice tea. I took a huge gulp and started ''choking'' on it. Reflexively I spit it out {on the pavement, in public. Not my best moment} and kept walking my merry way to my car.
I heard a soft laughing noise though, and I turned around {not a full-body turn, but a head turn...} and saw a young, cute-ish guy {who, obviously, had seen me spit out my ice tea}. He wasn't laughing in a mean kind of way, but more ''with me'' {had I been laughing}. Seeing him laugh made me realize how happily ridiculous I am and I laughed, too.
''That wasn't pretty,'' I said loudly and laughingly, getting into my car. I'm not sure whether I said that to me, him, or everybody in general.

Anyway, that amused me, and I hoped it amused you, too. Do you have a habit of choking... when you're not really choking?


  1. Lol! I sometimes do that.... But I've never done it in front of a cute young guy. I wish I was there to see the looksXD. Sounds like fun times;)

  2. Madeline, your posts never fail to make me laugh...not "at you" but "with you" XD

    1. Aw, thank you! I'm sorta glad that he didn't laugh AT me... I wouldn't have liked that nearly as much. :)

  3. Yikkkkesss! I'm glad you're ok ;) And that you can still laugh about crazy things that happen!
    Most of the time I sort of actually choke, but then it's awkward because I don't want people to try to do the Heimleich Maneuver on me...


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