18 May 2013

Review // LynBDesigns

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I'm a nail-polish-y person. Is this actually quite a new thing to me {before I didn't really care how my nails looked}, and I love adding to my collection!

 I am a major geek, and I'm not afraid to show it. I let my geekiness guide my products, whether it be a nail polish inspired by Doctor Who or a lip balm inspired by mining ruins in the UP. I love God, my family, my animals, and all things British. I am a complete Anglophile, and I think you'll start to see this more and more in my products.

{taken from LynBDesign's profile}


Wait, Wait, Wait. Is This a Kissing Book from the "Dweam Wiffim a Dweam" Collection

Newly Reformulated Angels Have the Phonebox from "The Doctor Is In" Collection

LynBDesigns has a large collection to choose from! It was very hard to choose one and I ended up sending LynBDesigns the two ones I liked best and having them choose one!

In the end Don't Torture Me {from the Dweam Wiffim A Dweam Collection} was sent to me!

 {pinky finger: two coats. ring finger: one coat, middle finger: two coats, pointer finger: three coats, thumb: three coats}

It took two-three even coats of nail-polish to get to the color in the bottle. I absolutely loved the color, even though I am not a purple fan! The white flakes makes the nail-polish even prettier and it makes it stand out more. 

There were a few hairs in the polish. I was totally fine with this {my hair is super short and it gets everywhere. Really, I'm surprised I'm not bald}, but I thought some people might not be.

It was super easy to apply.
It came fast and undamaged.
It was easy to take off. 
It is so pretty!

All in all, I'd give it:

Three and a half stars {1-5}

Would I buy nail-polish from LynBDesigns?
Not unless I found one I really liked. It has nothing to do with the nail-polish but the price is what would stop me. Compared to other home-made nail-polishes on Etsy, the price isn't that bad. But books are getting expensive, my friends.

Would I suggest you buy one?
If you found a color you liked and were willing to pay the price for it, then yes!

Thank you LynBDesigns for the fun review! 

Nail-polish was sent to me by LynBDesigns for the sole purpose of reviewing it.
This was a totally honest review, and all of it, unless other said, are my own words.

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