13 January 2015

Into The Forest -- My Old Novel!

This isn't actually the start of chapter one because that was too gag worthy, so this is about the middle. Please enjoy this forever embarrassment of mine.

{If you don't know this is the story I wrote when I was about ten. I promise /hope I don't write like this anymore. Re-writing this is one of my New Years goals.}

Though I try to find Prissy, a familiar voice calls my name. ‘’Alissa!’’ it cries, over and over again. ‘’Percy!’’ I shriek. Old, proper Ms. Johnson, who doesn’t approve of my best friend being a boy, glares at me. ‘’Quiet down!’’ She says, and waves a wagging finger in both my and Percy’s directions. 
       ‘’I was looking all over for you,’’ Percy says, as if I was trying to run away from him. ‘’And I was looking all over for Prissy. Do you have any idea where she is?’’ I ask. ‘’Probably trailing the King’s and Prince’s carriages. Why?’’ I glare at Percy. Even though Prissy may not be the brightest or best sister, I can’t afford to let him tease her when she cannot defend herself. ‘’She’s not that low. Only the blonde girls do that.’’
       ‘’And maybe that’s why they are always chosen?’’ Percy snorts. Snorting isn’t becoming to anybody, but Percy’s sharp jaw makes it okay. 
       ‘’Oh, just don’t talk to me,’’ I moan, starting again on my journey to find Prissy. ‘’You know I don’t mean it,’’ Percy says, walking along with me. Being taller than me, he finds Prissy easily. ‘’Over there,’’ he points in Prissy’s direction. He’ll probably suppose it makes up for his teasing. Being Percy, one can just simply hug a girl and both she and Percy will believe there is no hate over his teasing. But all those girls are only aware of his ‘’dreamy’’ sharp jaw, short, fluffy brownish black hair, and brown eyes. I’ve known him for what seems to be forever, and couldn’t care less about what he looks like. 
*dies forever*

Even though this was terrible, I'm really excite to write it again. I absolutely loved and still do the plot. :D

{If you'd like me to post more from this, just comment!}


  1. I really like this! I'd love to read more x

  2. I love this too, Madeline! And isn't it so hard to look back and cringe when you look at your writing a long time ago? I remember looking back at my writing from when I was ten and now I just cringe and am like, "I hope I am able to edit this and just try not to cringe too much." XD

    xoxo Morning


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