15 January 2015

The Moon

I mourn the moon as it slips from night to day,
say goodbye to my silvery friend
I turn my back on what is fading 
and welcome the sun,
hello bright friend
you speak of glorious new beginnings

I held the moon in my arms
the stars wept as they disappeared
''don't be afraid,''
my silvery friend whispered to me,
tears painting me liquid silver,
''often the sun brings brighter things.''


Happy Thursday! I couldn't decide which one to publish so here's my ramble-y thoughts, gathered into a poem about a moon. xx


  1. <3 <3 <3
    You are so talented!!

  2. Gorgeous poem Madeline! Loved it :)


  3. <3 This is absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing poet :)

  4. Beautiful! I think that the moon is often overshadowed by the sun, when it's being told in novels and such, and this was a great poem to bring out quite the opposite! :)

    xoxo Morning


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