12 June 2014

Stories of The People

my hair is bright blue; i chopped it all off after last summer.
my eyes speak of stories I'll never tell.
my hands, fingers long and skinny, hide in my pockets.
you pass me everyday, everyday i search for a sign or recognition. 
I always wear my brown wool coat and burgundy knitted scarf, I pass you with a hopeful look on my face.
You always pass by me, too concentrated on what's ahead of you to see who's beside you.
Everyday my steps get heavier and harder to take, and I cry out to you. You never hear.
There is somebody besides me now, he helps me walk. Every step we take walks us farther away from you, and my steps only get lighter.
You finally look back and turn around and with pain in your heart ask ''where's that blue-headed girl?''


Her forehead is dotted with beads of sweat and she cries out in her sleep. Her hands paw the air, looking for the comfort of mine. I am oh so glad to give it to her.
''stay with me,'' she whispers, eyes still closed. She's too delirious to know I'd never leave her side. 
''stay with me,'' she whispered that night at the ball, when people far and many approached by our side. Her gloved hand clutched mine nervously, and I whispered again what I had said once before: ''I always will.''


It was just you and I, a story of two friends. lemonade went down our throats and flip flops on our feet. we were inseparable from the pool, remember that? The beach even more so. We burnt our noses and stuck our toes in sand, always so happy.
Secrets were whispered at night by the campfire, only the embers there to hear it all. Promises were made in the waves and days were spent with the dolphins.
Every ounce of me went into that summer, and I believe you contributed all you had too. It wasn't a one gave all and the other only half sort of thing, we were both so invested in that summer.
Tears were shed and hugs given when the summer drew to an end. You got into the bus with everybody else, and I stayed here, watching you leave. 

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  1. This got me to dream. Beautiful <3

  2. This post is so beautiful!! Your writing is flawless. <3

  3. Hello!! I have only very recently started to follow your blog, but the little I've seen, especially these snippets of stories, are amazing! For that, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check my blog to find out all about it!



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