23 June 2014

Resting on Gold

Your words are bitter, and so's your soul.
You've lost everything,
so you're going to burn down everybody else's, too.
It doesn't matter who you hurt,
you need to be higher,
on a throne darker and much worse.
climb, climb, try to reach that throne on the mountain,
it's made of gold and silver, no place for you.
Watch yourself sink lower, that's where your throne is,
small and made of twisted dead wood,
waiting for you.
try to hurt me if you can,
I know where I will sit.
so throw your words at me relentlessly,
my shield is out, my eyes are away from you,
and my hand is resting on gold, there I will keep it. 


a little post script:

I am going to create a links page for my blog. If you would like your blog up there, comment below and leave a link. :) You don't have to follow me or put my button up in order to be there, but if you want to I won't stop you. ;)

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  1. This is beautiful *sniffs* Seriously, this is absolutely amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Magical. Love it!
    I've missed you over on my blog :( please come back!

    I would love my blog on your blog (?) it would be such an honour!



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