15 June 2013

Summer Goals {Since My New Year's Goals Obviously Failed.}

Hey loves!
I know, I know, two things: no word of a giveaway. And, no more posts! Don't worry, I have both almost-ready for ya. But to keep you satisfied {and to make me remember} I'm going to post some goals that I have for the summer.
I like summer goals better because you have more time to achieve them, you usually have less goals and summer isn't quite as long as a year. I just realized that since I wrote it down, it does actually look like a good plan. I'll probably skip the New Year's goals for 2014 and have a summer goals again. :)

Summer Goals:

  • To read all my books on my little list thingy {Never mind. At least eight}. Some of those are: 
Milo 2.0


The Ranger's Apprentice Series

{Have any of you read Milo 2.0 or Cinders?}

  • Learn how to bake at least three lemon desserts {turns out, I have a thing for lemon everything. Who woulda thunk it?}
  • Always have a supply of cut watermelon on hand {because really, what other than salsa and chips scream summer? Watermelon.}
There's probably more but my tired little brain can't remember any more {I had a swim meet. I'll probably post about that later}. 


  1. I've heard of a book called 'Cinder'; not sure if they're the same thing XD

    1. I've heard Cinder is very much like Divergent, so I'd like to check it out. :)


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