16 June 2013

NYC Metro Girl Giveaway

'Ello lovlies! {I'm making up words now.}
Minnie from NYC Metro Girl agreed to sponsor a giveaway! How lovely!

About NYC Metro Girl:

 Here's a little insight about who I am. I'm a graphic web designer that loves to do arts and crafts and decided to try making beauty products and loved it!

{from NYC Metro Girl profile}

I know some of you already bursting with excitement--but here's some fuel to add to that:
 NYC Metro Girl also offers two free samples per household every six months! No purchase necessary and free shipping! Free soap? Sign me up! ;)

Sugar Scrub - Lime in the Coconut 

Cupcake Soap - Creative Juice (Juicy) 

For this giveaway : one winner will receive 4 Pack Bath Salts & Powders and Cupcake Soap - Creative Juice {Juicy}!!

These prizes can only be shipped to winners within the U.S.A. That means only residents of the USA can enter!
Comment on what is your favorite item from NYC Metro Girl!

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Alright loves! That's it and have fun! :D


  1. I really like the cupcake soaps, and the "Juicy" soap sounds like it would smell really great, too! :)

  2. My favorite book would have to be The Hunger Games trilogy. :) So amazing!

  3. Favorite thing: Vanilla Scrub

  4. Favorite Book: The Journals Of Corrie Bell Holister

  5. My favorite product is the Cupcake Soap!

  6. My favorite book is Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban! :)

  7. Hello! I'd like to enter! I love the cupcake soap, and my favorite book is Raising Dragons! :)

  8. Ops, I didn't realize comments have to be approved. Sorry I commented 3 times! I was wondering why they weren't showing up! :P

    1. Hi,

      That's totally fine! I think Blogger does something to the comments because I received your first comment only once. :)


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