28 October 2012

My little elf ear is not to be forgotten! {In other words, a review}

Just notice that ''review'' part, okay?

Today I am review a lovely no piercing ear cuff from ArianrhodWolfchild.

 The listing had many colors to choose from, so I choice Peacock Blue. {not my elf ear shown}
 She added a ''captive ball'' ear cuff for free! Wasn't that nice?! My mom wanted it, so I gave it to her. She slept in it and wore it around and it DIDN'T fall off!
They came in this lovely packaging! It's teal with gold roses.

Packaging was nice and arrived promptly and undamaged
She put in a paper about how to put your ear cuff on {which I thought was very helpful.... I was having a ''brunette'' {blonde} day}
The ear cuffs were bubble-wrapped

You can't put it on without a red ear for a couple of minutes {unless you push it out to make it bigger but that would cause it to fall off easily}*

*But then again, it's only a red ear. You aren't going to die. Just put it on a few minutes before you go out in public. 

I give this FIVE stars! It is wonderful!

Would I buy something from ArianrhodWolfchild?

  Absolutely! I thought she made it and sent it very well. 

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