17 October 2012

Into the forest we go, we go // HAIRCUT`! // 50 followers!

Has a creepy sound to it, doesn't it? *evil laughter*

My little minions -uh- peeps-- have been talking about some protest I'm supposedly having. Where did that come from? I assure you, I am not protesting.

With that said, let's get to the true creepiness of this post. XD

 This are my new sock-ies! I finally have pretty socks...
 I like all of these colors blended together. {The point of this picture: it was freezing cold outside and I was wearing shorts....}

Look deep into the woods child, where elves do their work best,
Where fair-children become fairies,
Where pixies grow,
Where the giants lurk,
And naughty children creep in.
 Yes- that's it! Look back to your house.
Go back in- the forest of Elvendair is no place for you
Back to home, where mommy loves you,
Back home, where your supper is waiting cold.
 Yes- get closer!
Run now, your dinner is getting colder,
Run now, the giants are creeping out,
Run now, the fairies haven't eaten for a year now,
Run now, dear child, the shadows are getting closer.

Foolish child!
Don't go any farther,
You'll slip into the giant's den,
Don't go any farther,
I see the glimmer of blue wings,
Don't go any farther,
I see the pixies waiting for their yearly meal.

This is it, I declare!
I see them getting closer,
I see them getting hungrier,
I feel them getting restless,
I feel them shrieking for dinner,
I smell the rot of giants,
I smell the despair of things long before you. 
 Turn back!
Yes, that's a good child.
The path is clear,
Your choices are clear,
Die or live, 
Which shall you choice?
 Ah, so the golden trees are waving to you?
They are neutral, but they always like extra dinner when they can have it,
Go closer if you wish,
You've disobeyed me many times already.
Shall I care if you are gotten?
Nay, you may make your choice.
Dear child, I fear you may have found out,
why you have no children to play with in the village.

Such a horrible poem thingy, right? I wrote it. :D I sometimes enjoy creeping myself out {I think there's a song by Green Day with lyrics like that...}.

Did you like it?


The poll showed a tie between the Carly Rae J. and the HD one, so I choose HD. That is the picture I gave to my hair-cutter/stylist.

And this is what you got?! Communication skills may not have been so keen between us. 
But if it makes you happy, I can make it look like I got the CRJ one. ;)


Aww, thank you so much, guys! I love you all! Don't worry, I am planning some giveaways for y'all. Stay tuned on that. :)


  1. OOOOHHHH! I like the poem.... Made me shiver...

    I like the hair-cut! If you don't like it and if it was possible, I would "steal" it for you:-D

  2. I LOVE your hair cut!! :) The poem was like "what a sec? Is she talking about getting eaten?! Oh, yeah, it's Madeline's poem... :P" hahahahaha =D

    Anyway, so I just looked at your picture and I realized that you look almost exactly like this girl I know!! =D It was so weird. :P (yeah, she's really pretty, anyway....) ;D

    I'm so glad that your protest thingy magigy whatevery is off now!! :)

  3. The poem was super cool! I didn't realise you wrote it, I thought it might be something you got off the internet....another Found a peanut song. ;) But, you wrote it!!! That is so coolio!!! Even though it's kinda scary. haha
    And a giveaway! Yayyyy! Will there be more Bobs? :D
    Lastly, cute haircute! :D

    1. Nope, not another Found a Peanut. ;)
      I don't think so.... but if there are any small animals included I shall take the liberty to name them. :)

  4. Neat haircut! The poem is reminiscent of a time when fairies and elves were considered evil....you did a good job on it.


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