05 October 2012

MY EARS ARE SHAPED DIFFERENTLY {view last end of post}

*Possible future thoughts from you and others: ''Woah. She's posting AGAIN?!''

Yeah, well, I know it. And I'm not sorry.  Have you noticed the posts this week have been giveaway posts and a link up?

C'mon, buddy. You can't count that as a post!

So today I'm posting because I feel like it. And I feel the need to write something magical. So whether this post is magical or not, it's up to you.

Random Thought 1:

I haven't posted my own photography for almost forever! I know I'm not too good at that, but that's really not an excuse. :p 

Random thought 2:

It's snowing. Yes, snowing. Not at my house, but at Storyteller's house. To quote part of my comment:


Yes, I really said that. I 'twas kidding, be of course.

Random thought 3: 

Pinterest. Coffee. Curly hair. Possible dyeing {wash-out dye, of course, unless I really like it. Yeah, me mom says it's my hair and I can do what I want with it {random interruption: I have a friend who dyed her hair blue. Permanently.}}

{all of these photos are from Pinterest unless other stated}

  Whoa... I think my inner-fangirl just had a nerd attack.

{My inner fan-girl DIED!}

it took me a second to get it but i got it!!! XD

{click to make larger} LOL, I got it right away.

i feel like this sometimes...:)

Random thought 4:

I have a Pinterest board called : ''My colors and I shall rule the world''

Random thought 5:

A movie I really want to see is coming out on a special date for me. I can't say why, but I can say I am {most likely, unless anything other comes up} going to see the midnight release of it!

Random thought 6: 

I curled my hair today and everybody thought I had gotten it cut, because it bunged up like crazy {my hair goes to my shoulder, but with it curled it went up to my jaw}. One lady thought it was naturally curly and I just straighten it all the time, and that was awesome. She was close to the truth though, because my hair is naturally wavy. =D

Last random thought 7:

Something utterly horrible happened. I swear, I am the only person this has ever happened to.

My ears, the just..... 

they just....

they just...

fell off. {LOL, just kidding.}

My ears Really, they just...

they just...

they just...

are misshaped. You might be going oh, that's okay! No it's not. ONE IS SHAPED DIFFERENTLY THAN THE OTHER! Picture proof:

See? See that little elf ear? Click it if you need to see better {sorry for the slightly crazed look on my face}.
My other ear. TOTALLY NOT ELV-ISH!

Cry with me, lampy.


  1. "Don't mess with me!" hahaha =D

    By the way, it's still snowing. (YES!!) =D

    Well, I would definitely say your ears won't ruin your beauty. :)

  2. Don't worry! My body's odd too! Strange proportions and asymmetrical-ness rules!

  3. haha loved the last funny picture! =)

  4. Hmm...was your ear like that before?

    1. I pretty much JUST noticed it, so I really don't know. :)


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p.s. you're looking fab today.