29 December 2011

The Tea Party

The four good friends sat together, drinking tea and eating sweets. ''Kanani, do you care for a honey bun?'' Kit asked, trying to be very graceful. ''Indeed,'' Kanani replied. Everybody started laughing. Katie almost choked on her cookie!
Rebecca's tea cup 
Rebecca's tea cup made a little clink when she set it gently down. ''As member and president of the Girl's Tea Club, I vote we add a mascot for our...image. Perhaps a doll?'' Rebecca said. ''I have a Elizabeth doll we could use. She has a long puffy pink dress on; with her good white slippers?'' Kit nicely offered, as being the newest member of the club.

Kit's doll 
''Good idea, Kit. I'm sure your doll would look lovely as our image! I vote for Kit's doll,'' Kanani exclaimed. Katie seconded it. ''I third it! Elizabeth is now our image!'' Rebecca said.
And so the tea party ended, everybody happily thinking about their new mascot.

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