22 December 2011

A Bit About Me!

I'm Katie! Christmas is coming up, and I'm sooo excited! First of all, if you going to read my blog, you should know about me. I have seven friends, Rosy, Luke, Felicity, Samantha, Rebecca, Molly, and Kanani! Rebecca and Kanani are the only ones adopted from not around here. Rebecca's Russian, and Kanani is from Hawaii. But then all the rest are from good old VA. 

See that's me! Those are the clothes I came in. It's hard to see, but I'll give you the info.
~I have carmel-colored hair. ~Light blue eyes. ~Lightly tanned skin.
Not much, but I'm alright. Today my 'Round the World class is ''going'' to Russia. I brought Rebecca along also, because I knew she'd enjoy it! Rebecca even let me borrow some ''old time'' Russian clothes for a thank you! Sweet!

First of all, we all said the pledge the the American Flag. Then we said the 'Round the World pledge. That's my favorite part of the class! Then we started learning about Russia. Did you know, a long time ago Jews ran away from Russia to America? Our teacher, Ms. Mokly, told us all about it, and when they got to America, how they lived like then. It was really cool learning about it. Did you know, they also bargained with people selling stuff on the street? A penny back then could get you two bananas! Ms. Mokly showed us a photo of it. Let me show you!
Isn't it cool? It a picture of tenements. That's where most people lived, though it was very bad for you. Since there was normal only one room per family, sickness was spread easily. Mom was there too, and she told me how lucky we are to live in our own house. I believe her! Well, I got to go. Bye!
~ Katie 
(with help of Madeline

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