25 April 2015

Clean Slate

I'm trying to remember how to breathe,
I'm trying, oh so hard, to remember how to see the world again without holding onto your hand.
I'm trying to taste, to feel, and to explore without every single thing reminding me of you.
Because it wasn't worth it, to hold onto your love.
Nothing was worth it after tear filled nights, holes in the wall, and my body stained with bruises. 
I've washed away all the memories--terrified nights, hiding in the closet--along with summer days filled with our laughter.
The good and the bad, I've washed it all away from my clean slate.


Please bare with me as I figure all this blog stuff out. :)
{Also, a huge thank you to Emily from Twenty-One Designs for giving my blog a fresh look. Isn't it lovely?}


  1. I wish I could have a clean slate sometimes. But that hasn't happened in forever.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. New slates are just the most amazing gifts, but they rarely ever come. I'm glad to see you back! :D

    xoxo Morning

  3. I love this. So beautiful and a great reminder that we can sometimes start something new. <3

  4. This is wonderful :) Starting over is really refreshing.



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