17 February 2015

The New Blog

I am pleased to introduce:


And so our adventure ends, my friends. The new blog is a work in progress design wise, so please bear with me. I'm going to at least try to design it myself before turning it into a hot mess and handing it over to a more experienced blogger. ;)

There is a follow button, is if you would like to stay updated about my goings on and what not I'd love it if you followed. Please don't feel obliged to.

This blog is going to be kept up for reference and if you'd ever like to run through it feel free. 

{There is one last non update-y post coming up, so be on the lookout. I hope it'll be a good one.}



  1. Awww, I love this blog. I wish you wouldn't stop posting. :(
    But I love your design on A Beautiful Blur. :) You are a very talented designer. :)


  2. Hello Madeline! I'm Emily, from Twenty-One Designs. You reached out awhile ago about having a blog redesigned, and I've sent you an email! Did you receive it? :)


Please be nice and respectful to each other.


p.s. you're looking fab today.