01 October 2013

This Week {#4}

this week:
ordering *ahem* some things. Online shopping and Amazon, I love you.
a haiku to Amazon:
amazon, thank you,
for beautiful things I don't need,
but buy anyway.
{incase you didn't notice, the last line's fifth syllable is in the second line because I can't write poetry.}
MODERN! yeahhhhh. Okay, for those of you who don't know, modern {a form of dance} is like ballet and jazz mixed together. This is the first year I could take it at my dance studio and *fangirl moment* I love it.
The total of boots I own rising up to two! *another fangirl moment* I love boots. love love love.
When your pet bird will sit on your shoulder and watch you finish math. And she preens your hair, nibbles on your ear, and makes soft sounds to you.

I have things I need to post about but I don't want to take pictures. Ehhhh.


  1. I know I love boots too!
    I have 4 pairs of boots, a pair of short-ish high heeled brown boots, a pair of long brown flat heel boots (that I'm growing into. I think everybody's been calling them Robin Hood Boots....hey that could make for a good story point) I have a pair of medium-ish black boots but I lengthen them up with leg warmers they have hidden heel something like a wedge disguiesed as flat, and finally a pair of candlelight cream boots also flat heeled.

    haha I like my boots

    1. boots in fall = wonderfulness all around

  2. So jealous! It was the first year I could take modern and my studio didn't have enough people. Argh!

    1. Aw that really stinks. Hopefully you can take it next year, though! :D


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