08 October 2013

My Babies {Pointe Shoes}

October first, I was told that I could go out and buy my pointe shoes. Which is fabulous, y'all.
These are my babies. They're Capezio Glisses {wide because I have large feet. -.-}

{I know the strings are untucked. They will not be like that for class}

And guys, they hurt... A LOT. I'm not even doing anything major yet but it still hurts like crazy. -cries in a corner-
Today's my second pointe class and modern, so right now I'm just looking for a way to get to ballet/modern quickly. I WANTS TO DANCE.
Okay y'all. -happy dance- I havveee some posts comin' up.
P.S. I bought The Fault in Our Stars, The Elite, The Selection, and Cinders. I've read all of them except Cinders before, but I needed to add them to my precious books. Now I just need to buy Matched because I have the second and third book in the series for some reason, but not the first. -.- XD


  1. I like your shoes! :) And I was wondering, are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? :)


    1. Thank you Hannah! Yes, I'm doing it. I already have a few ideas swimming around my head. ;) What about you? If you are, what are you planning to write about? :)

      love you girl!

  2. Awesome! You're so lucky! Cool post <3


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