15 January 2013

NYR-In progress, finished, not started.

I told you I'd create something creative for you to read, didn't I? Didn't I? ;D
So here it is.

NYR {New Year's Resolutions}- in progress, finished, not started.

Every month I'll post which of my New's Year's Resolutions are finished or in progress, and then the ones I have yet to finish. 

The ''in progress'' lane of life

1. go a year without soda.
 4. redo my room
 6.  write at least 6 books this year
 7. finish my Snow White book series {it's a little bit hard to do that with half books}
8. start working on a book themed in the modern world
9. write in different tenses {for my books} than the first person 
12. learn to iceskate well
 29. get more active

So yes, my in progress is small and sad. I blame it on the small lane. ;D

Not Started

2. learn to draw a decent boy
3. start an etsy shoppe
5. keep track of the books i've read
10. blog everyday {Sunday and holidays excluded}
11. Write a letter to myself or anybody everyday
13. make an amazing snow fortress
14. blog about my amazing fortress
15. have a snowball fight
16. comment on at least half of the blogs I read when they post
17. buy myself a computer with my own money
18. give Christmas presents to my family, grandfather, and uncle
19. get a pixiecut
20. memorize verses that really speak to me
21. have a big sponsor giveaway
22. give something i made/bought of some value on one of my blogs
23. write about my feelings more often on this blog
24. buy a pointe-shoe ornament
25. buy at least 3 new ornaments for my Christmas tree
26. buy/recieve a modcloth dress
30. memorize songs word for word
31. read the Bible weekly, if not daily {because i struggle with this}
32. design somebody's blog 
33. pray before each meal, wether in public or not  

28. buy/recieve a nookfire {Jessie wins}

Woop-de-doo, my finished part is barely started! Hopefully I'll have something more by Febuary.


  1. Oh joy, I love winning! :D I so hope that your resolutions go well. I've never made a resolution in my life {at New Year's, at least}, so you are far ahead of me. I struggle with reading my Bible too... you'll definitely be in my prayers in that area! (:

  2. ohh cool!!!!:) I didn't make a NYR!!!:P so mine are ALL DONE! Haha. :)

  3. Awesome! Love them! I used to struggle with reading my Bible every day, too. Just hang in there. :)

  4. Writing in other than first tense is soooo hardddddddd......


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