20 January 2013

Life is a Fairytale.

How do I describe it? Yes, the simplest way is: life is a fairytale.
Yes, this fairytale has villains. Yes, this fairytale has a plot many surprising, twisting plots. But yes, this is the best fairytale you'll ever read.... er, live.
You. You get to be the main character in a fairytale. Will you be a good one, or a bad one? Are you a main character you'd like to read about? If not, become one. You get to shape your own fairytale, because you are the one who makes the choices. 
I'm in love with this picture!
Except, with this fairytale, there is no author. Will that be a blessing or a curse?

Fairytales are adventurous. Life is an adventure. Can you believe it? Sometimes I wonder how our hands work so beautifully... marvel at how wonderfully we were made. That is just part of your fairytale.

In this fairytale, there are so many bad things that happen/will happen. But that's how a fairytale goes. Keep on going, because a fairytale never ends. The author just stops writing.
Luckily for you, your fairytale has no author.


  1. Well, God's kind of your author. :)

    1. Kind of...
      My arguement is that you choose what you want to do. You can wake up one morning and realize {this is just an example} that God wants you to go to the library today. If that's what God wants, then you should do it; however, you still get to choose whether you want to go to the library today or not. Not going is still a horrible choice, but if you want you can disobey him.
      I'm just trying to say that the difference is: If there is an author of your fairytale, you have absouloutly no freedom. You may not do what you want. You are the author's puppet.
      But in life you get to make choices. However much God wants you to make the right choices, you get to choose. You get to choose if you want to be the ''bad guy'' or the ''good guy''. If God was everybody's author, wouldn't everybody go to Heaven?
      Do you get where I'm coming from? If you think I'm wrong, please point that out. I'd just rather not have a religious debate online.:D
      {please excuse the spelling ;D}

    2. Actually, please let me redo that: God doesn't make your choices, but he does influence them greatly.
      {If you commented please read this because I don't think everybody got what I was trying to say. :D}

    3. I know what you mean. :) I was just saying that God created you, he's guiding your steps and, ultimately, despite the fact that we have free will for all of our lives, he knows what's going to happen. :)

  2. We have a weird family and one of the weird people in our family which is me josiah want's to know: do you like tofu. By the way, awesome post and totally true ( layla speaking now). Totally agree with you on all accounts. We will follow your blog ASAP.
    Josiah says Awesome Hogs. Yes, he's weird. By.

    1. Tofu... I've never tried it {I think}. :D
      Thank you!
      Weird people are nice. Creepy people... now that's another discussion. Aloha {it's both hello and goodbye and sea-turtle or something}.

  3. Oooohhhh! This is an epic post! Me gusta!!!
    It reminds me of quote by Hans Christian Andersen... "Every man's life is a fairytale, written by God's fingers." :)
    Oh yeah, and Idk if you do blog awards, but if so, I awarded you!
    Or I'm about to, almost as soon as I'm done posting this comment :))


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