28 February 2014

''So Handsome! So Tall!''

*From Pride and Prejudice; Mrs. Bennet exclaiming to Lizzy how rich her fiancé is.*

What's been happening lately:

I broke my ankle. Bah-sically a small piece of my bone chipped right off. XD Fun, right?

Parks and Recreation. -smile-

A leather jacket! I'm still a bit dry on how to style it, so if y'all have any tips comment!

Pride and Prejudice {obviously}, Eleanor & Park, and Looking for Alaska.

A youth retreat with my youth group. TONS of fun, guys.

Winter sickness. Horrible headaches and sniffles. :(

And that's it for me. What have y'all been doing?


  1. Eeek I LOVE Pride and Prejudice xD
    Ouch! That sounds painful :3
    Ooooh I looooooove leather jackets xD I have like five all in different colors.
    Lovely Post Dear!
    Brooke Jordan

    1. Isn't it just amazing?! Haha
      Five! No, just kidding, I'd have five if I could lol ;)

  2. I read all those books and I just adored Eleanor and Park it was sooo amazing! Its sooo adorable.I wish I can read it again but i am horrible at double reading books

    1. I just finished Eleanor and Park and GRRRR I'M SO MAD. NOTHING WAS WRAPED UP BESIDES TINA&STEVE. What happens to the kids and why does Park get together with Cat?!?! IT'S SO WRONG I LIKE NONE OF IT
      And I know what you mean about double readings; it's not the same as the first time.

  3. I just went on a youth group retreat! I actually JUST got back home XD My sister has a leather jacket and she just wears a cute white shirt with an owl on it. You could talk to her!!! XD

    1. That's really cool Aimee! That's sounds really pretty. :)
      I think I'm going to gather up some outfit ideas with the leather jacket and then make a post about it.


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