18 December 2013

Under My Christmas Tree {More Fan-fiction}

Christmas Tree
My mouth gaps open.
I'll admit it--I snuck down to the family room before anybody else was awake, just to see the presents. And there Tom Hiddleston was, under my tree.
''You're awake!'' Tom says, smiling. He re-adjusts the sparkly red Christmas bow on his head. ''How rude am I?! Sitting while you're standing, I'm so sorry,'' he says, jumping up.
I numbly sit down by the tree, closing my eyes. No. This is too good to be true.
 ''Those pajamas are absolutely lovely.''
I open my eyes. Tom's still there, with his sparkling eyes and messy hair.
''Th-Thanks,'' I can finally speak. ''Yours are great, too,'' I half-whisper. He looks down, pleased, at his Avengers onesie. ''I got it from Santa when he delivered me!'' he says. He also shows me an opened package of ginger cookies. {''I was hungry,'' he explains.}
''Now, I got this for you,'' Tom says, handing me a mini plush Loki doll. I giggle, half from happiness and the rest from hysteria. Tom Hiddleston under my tree. I knew I'd been good.
''I'm sorry, I didn't know you were coming,'' I whisper. I blush furiously.
Tom takes my hand. If I could have blushed more, I would have.
''You're the only thing I wanted for Christmas.''


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    1. Thanks Molly :) Now, I have a question for you.... who do you think said ''You're the only thing I wanted for Christmas?'' I should probably know, but it seems like it could go either way. :P

  2. This was so fun to read! I wish I knew more about this Tom Hiddleston person, but unfortunately I do not. :P


    (pocket notebook giveaway 'cause everyone deserves a pocket notebook, right?: http://artsypeacock.blogspot.com/2013/12/artsy-peacock-giveaway-part-three-final.html)

    1. Thanks a ton Jenny! Ooooo, Tom is AMAZING. ;)
      Ugh, I need to remember to follow your new blog! i've been a bit lazy. :P

  3. wow. just, wow.

    you write well, very well! great job(: i like loki/hiddleston too. he's cool.

  4. Oh my goodness! I stumbled on your blog at random and started poking about, and I love this!! Soo cute! And described so clear! I could picture it all : ) How crazy would it be if that really happened!?!?
    Great writing!

    1. Thank you so much Becca! Haha, I'd die if it'd really happened. And then I'd tearfully tell Tom I'm a bit young for him. ;)
      Thanks for poking around! Hoped you liked everything.

  5. Well… in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, Marianne is seventeen and ends up with a very nice man 20+ years her senior :)
    It wouldn't be impossible :P
    I love how you answer comments! It's very welcoming. I always feel a little bit sad when no one answers my comments.
    Just curious, do write any longer stories? or stick with short and sweet?
    ( still Becca, with my sister's account)


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